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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bakrie Life insurance agents are more responsible than the Bakrie Life itself

If the owner of Bakrie Life can be arbitrarily broken a promise to refund the customer, not so with the agent. In the midst of limited income, they seek to restore customer funds Bakrie Life.

Six years ago, Oki Mulyades be smiling broadly. He managed to carve achievements as Best Life Insurance Financial Consultant at Bakrie. And he easily obtain income into the coffers of Bakrie Life agent.

But now just a shame that hanging themselves this 26-year-old man. Relatives demanded the right to payment of Bakrie Life. Understandably, formerly Oki Bakrie Life to sell more products to them and also to close friends.

As a result, certified life insurance agent Life Insurance Association of Indonesia (AAJI) with license number 012 119 is helter-skelter to take care of disbursement of customer funds. One of their contracts expire November 2010. "My uncle is the customer all Bakrie Life by life assurance policy number 03-41.2004.07672. Supposed to benefit from the cash value at the end of last year. Rather than dilute the benefits, the company's insurer even stumble problem," said Oki to KONTAN, yesterday.

In fact, there are 15 policies out of 10 relatives and colleagues. Each policy is different from one another benefit. Some take all life assurance, personal accident, plus the assurance to education for their children.

Rice has become porridge. Oki broke his career where he first heard of the company like a precarious.

Oki who began his career come from branches of Bandung, West Java, was asked to fight for the right customer is handled. "It was strange to collect the cash value of the benefit promise only piece of the company's group insurance business big fish," said Oki.

Lena had another story. Former employees of this bank intends to help Aan, who became his partner Bakrie Life insurance agent to find customers. He recommends Listyani to invest money through an investment-based life insurance products, Diamond Investa.

Instead of thanks, the woman who lives in Bandung, this fact must bear the moral weight when received Listyani nevertheless guarantee protection. "I am not an agent. I go awry when Listyani demand accountability," he concluded.

Aan as an insurance agent who closes Listyani coverage declined to comment. He claims to have resigned from Bakrie Life since November last year. "Since I was not in charge. Please contact Iceuh in Bakrie Life," said Aan.

Iceuh insurance claim is not an agent, but employees Bakrie Life. When contacted further, Iceuh can not speak much. He asked contacted later.

While Ubaidillah must be willing to live without savings. He has a duty of more than Rp 20 million, which comes from 10 customers Bakrie Life that he had "prospects". They are relatives and friends nearby. "My salary at the company now only USD 2.5 million. Of the 10 people, I just paid off one of Rp 2.7 million," he explained.

He admitted to not get your hopes up his money back. "According to the agreement, if the return policy before maturity only got half. Yes, hopefully right back in half, so that funds could be to pay for my other clients," he explained.

Just for information, relatives and colleagues Oki, Ubayd Allah and Lena just a fraction of the victims of Bakrie Life insurance products. Activity Bakrie Life itself has been discontinued since the case of default of 250 customers Diamond Investa (DI) with a total fund of Rp 360 billion stagnate.

Previously, Head of Insurance Bureau of Bapepam-LK, Isa Rachmatarwata estimates, the debt owed to non-DI customers around Rp 50 billion. The problem is exactly the client IN.

When contacted KONTAN, President Director of Bakrie Life Timoer Soetanto admitted, Bakrie Capital Indonesia (BCI) as the holding company and other business groups are still seeking settlement of obligations. "But we have not dared to schedule because there are no funds," he explained.

Ironically, instead of putting mortgage payments a refund, instead pursuing BCI broadcasting rights football World Cup 2014 in Brazil. BCI willing to spend enough for the broadcasting rights.

Early last week, the Insurance Bureau of Bapepam-LK back Bakrie called Life and parent management business. The meeting was reportedly to admonish Bakrie Life to immediately make a payment. Unfortunately, such a meeting after the meeting deadlocked. Bakrie Life is often raised their hands when mugged settlement obligations. Is this management strategy to gain time until regulators decided revoke the business license?

If so, regulators are no longer authorized to persuade Bakrie Life restore the lost funds. Bakrie Life is also survived the demands of the customer, unless the company distributing the remaining assets, including notes secured medium. Even then, if the debt is really still there.

Strange, large companies and holders of the 2014 World Cup broadcasting rights, really, unable to pay its customers a free piece of the fund.